el mojado is the one that gets wet. It is related to humidity, to being splashed and impregnated. to be impregnated by knowledge or ideas from someone, from another through contact with him. in mexico and several countries in latin america el mojado, is the person who illegally crosses the rio grande – the border between mexico and the unites states – by diving in its waters. in english "the wetback", by extension, someone that is between two or more cultures. in french to get wet  means to commit. el mojado is transpiration, infiltration, inlayment, embedment, osmosis… el mojado is finally and above all, mouvement and relationship.

el mojado is an independent publishing house that seeks to promote projects of artists whose work is imbued with otherness. our aim is to show the fields of an off-center vision, away from the basis, a vision that  emphasize the shift, the liminality, the outline.
el mojado has no fixed headquarters.